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Business and LLC Formation Services

Selecting the right business entity is a key decision of any successful business plan. The ownership structure, management, financing and even tax implications can hinge on the type of business form you choose. Limited liability companies (LLCs) are the most popular new business form, but are not necessarily the best fit for your venture.


We’ll help you choose the right business structure, set it up and execute a plan to get on with business.

If you already have an existing business, we are available to advise you on a wide range of business issues, from contract drafting and review, employment and HR, to real estate and land use issues.

A limited-liability company (LLC) can help you protect your personal assets from business losses.  A Tennessee LLC provides flexibility for your business structure both in terms of management and operations. We offer flat rate services to help you establish and operate a Tennessee LLC, whether it is for a single member or multiple people.

We also recommend - and can help you prepare - that all multi-member LLCs execute a formal operating agreement. Even if you and your spouse or partner are the only members, properly documenting the terms of your agreement now can avoid problems and disputes in the future.

Let's us help you get started today. After a brief phone call or in-person consultation, we can give you a flat free quote for our services. Call us at (615) 290-5355 or contact us online.